Soda/Snack Vending Machines

Soda/Snack Vending Machine Business Points

Running a full line vending business could be very lucrative once a few hurdles are cleared. Here are a few points to weigh when getting into the vending business:

  • It may be a bit more difficult to find space for a soda/snack machine rather than a much smaller gumball machine. Your soda/snack machine will take up more floor space and will have leave space for foot traffic.
  • You will need a van or a truck to carry product. Transporting your refill product will take up more vehicle space.
  • General maintenance costs will be more as the parts generally consist of electronic components, you may need a technician to make the repairs and transporting the machine may incur some costs.

Nevertheless, taking those hurdles into account, the return on investment should be very robust long term. For more information on soda/snack vending machines visit us at or call us 866-648-6225.

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