Securing You Gumball Machine to its Stand Properly

It has come to our attention that a fair number of customers are securing their gumball machine to its stand improperly. Many customers are securing the bolts through the bottom holes of the flange into the machine. It should be the other way around. The bolts should be coming from inside the machine, securing it to the flange.

First off, the hole locations will be different depending on which stand you have as the diameter of the stands vary from 1” to 2”. You can locate the holes you will be using by lining up the flange along the bottom of your gumball machines base.

Once the proper holes are located, it is time to secure your gumball machine to the flange. Take your bolts and firmly secure the flange to the base from the inside of your machine. This ensures someone cannot come to your machine with a wrench and release the bolts from the bottom of the machine.

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