Candy Machine Investment – VENDSTAR 6000

Candy Machine Investment**VENDSTAR 6000**100 Machines Available (Fayetteville) $18000
Candy Machine Investment – VENDSTAR 6000

Invest in the **VENDSTAR 6000** QUARTER MACHINES to start your Vending business today.

Each machine has a TRIPLE Canister Candy Dispenser, Stand, and Spill Tray. All Brand New!! Able to accommodate several different types of candy (M&Ms, M&M Peanuts, Mike and Ikes, Peanuts, Runtz, Reeses).

Able to sell at the following prices because owner purchased as part of a bulk order and does not need these extra 100 machines…. Excellent Condition- Brand New!!
$225 each, minimum purchase 25 machines
$10,000 for 50 machines
$18,000 for all 100 machines
Owner is happy to talk to you about how he started his vending route and the time & resources it takes to maintain. Great potential for a side investment. Machines located in Fayetteville and will need to be picked up.

Be prepared to sign a no compete clause for the Fayetteville market.

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