Apparel Vending Machines

While vending machines have had some strange things sold out of them, apparel is one of the strangest I’ve heard. Clothing from a vending machine. You heard it right.

In India the trend is growing for small companies who do not have a store of their own and can’t get shelf space in already crowded stores. Selling clothing out of vending machines could be the perfect ticket to getting their brand established and into the hands of Mumba consumers. Apparel vending machines will first be tested on a small scale before you start seeing apparel vending machines next to every soda vending machine.

The company behind the idea of apparel vending machines, Grabbit, wants to sell ethnic wear and swimsuits before going to the mainstream vending machine market. Personally I don’t think many people will want swimsuits, but ethnic clothing could be a big seller.

Most people in the market for a swimsuit will want to try on a few different bathing suits. The vending machine doesn’t allow for that and can’t accept returns. So if you buy a bathing suit from a vending machine you’d better hope it fits perfectly!

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